Hi, I'm Jari Roomer!

Founder Personal Growth Lab


My name is Jari Roomer and I'm the founder of Personal Growth Lab!

If you're looking to learn more about productivity, goal-setting, morning routines, motivation, and mindset, you've come to the right place...

On this website, you'll find high-quality articles, courses, and tools to help you achieve your biggest goals, elevate your performance, and reach peak productivity.

Personal Growth Lab is based on a few core beliefs...

  • Personal Growth Is The Key To Success In Life & Business
  • Knowledge Is Only Potential Power, Applied Knowledge Is Real Power
  • You Can Reach Your Goals Much Faster By Working SMARTER

I first discovered the world of personal development back in 2014, when I hit my personal rock-bottom...

I got addicted to gambling and lost all my money (yes, everything) within just a few months.

I was so miserable and stressed that I vowed to completely turn my life around.

That's when I picked up every book I could find on business, financial independence, mindset, and peak performance.

Ever since that moment, my life has fundamentally changed.

The knowledge and insights I gained along the way has helped me enormously in life:

  • It helped me successfully turn my first business from 'barely surviving' to 'thriving' (even when my 2 co-founders already gave up on it).
  • It helped me deal with a life-changing 'bad news' conversation at the hospital - undoubtedly the toughest moment of my life.
  • It helped me start and grow my second business, Personal Growth Lab, which impacts 1+ million people a year through self-development articles & products.

Now, I don't want to ramble too much about myself, because this is not really about me...

My point with this story is that I'm just a normal dude from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who managed to turn his life around 360 degrees because of the power of self-development.

I've experienced first-hand that investing in yourself is truly the key to elevating your life.

And I know 100% sure that if it helped me so much, it can help you and millions of others as well.

That's why I'm incredibly passionate about sharing my insights from the experiences I gained and the failures I had along the way, so that it (hopefully) helps to improve your life in any way possible...

... even if it's just a tiny bit.

So, if you're ready to learn more about productivity, goal-setting, morning routines, motivation, mindset, and anything else about personal development, check out our articles, courses, or free downloads!

The PGL Team

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