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Founder Personal Growth Lab

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Welcome To The Tribe!

My name is Jari Roomer and I’m the founder of Personal Growth Lab.

It’s my mission to help high-achievers and ambitious individuals like you create a life of freedom by sharing tips and strategies on peak performance.

I discovered years ago that only after raising my personal performance I was able to create a life of freedom for myself.

Only then did I consistently do the things I always knew I should’ve done. And finally did I achieve what I always wanted to achieve:

A profitable online business that enables me to work independently of time and location.

Chances are that you already know most of the strategies and tactics in your given field that lead to good results.

Yet, somehow, you still haven’t reached what you thought you would’ve reached by now.

As I experienced the exact same process, I decided to start Personal Growth Lab.

With PGL I share actionable, personally tested and scientifically proven self-development advice that will help you achieve your goals, become a peak performer and live a more productive & meaningful life.

Remember, success only happens after you focus heavily on personal growth.

As author Hal Elrod said:

“Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.”

My life wasn’t always like this though..

I’ve had several 9-5 jobs, but I always found myself ending up unhappy after a while (even at very cool companies). I always had this desire to live in complete freedom and autonomy – without a boss to answer to, independent of location and time.

However, my desire for ‘more’ has led me to some dead-end roads and dark places.. I made the huge mistake to be tempted by gambling. I got addicted and it left me bankrupt within no-time. I literally couldn’t pay back a loan to one of my colleagues at the time because I was in so much financial trouble.

It was there and then that I vowed to turn everything around and approach this ‘Life of Freedom & Abundance’ seriously. I went on to (self)study everything related to personal development, financial independence, success and high-performance habits.

I decided to start an online business (a financial education business) and dreamt about earning a lot of money with it. In reality, however, it took me more than 18 months before I would earn my first dollars.

Only when I started to really invest in my own personal development did I start to see real results.

I learned how to become highly focused and productive, overcome procrastination, generate motivation and energy at my command – and overcome mental barriers.

Only when I learned how to do these things was I able to grow my audience, build my business and earn more money. Eventually, it would help me to live life on my own terms: without a boss or time-schedule to answer to. 

And that’s why I started Personal Growth Lab. I want to help high-achievers like you short-cut this process by learning how to become a peak performer. 

Remember, if you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to become extraordinary yourself. Invest in your personal development and your life will never be the same.

What You’ll Learn At PGL

How To Improve Your Productivity

The Productivity Secrets To Getting Better Results In Less Time By Working Smarter

How To Stay Focused

How To Develop Laserlike Focus In A World Of Distractions & Information Overload

How To Achieve Your Goals

The Goal-Setting System To Consistently And Reliably Crush Your Most Ambitious Goals

How To Get Motivated & Take Massive Action

How To Stop Procrastinating And Generate Motivation On Your Command

And Many Other Self-Development Strategies

Everything Else You Need To Fulfill Your Full Potential And Achieve Higher Levels Of Success – From Habit-Forming to Morning Routines