The Peak Productivity Planner

10x Your Productivity In 10 Weeks

The Peak Productivity Planner is used by high-achievers from all over the world to increase their performance in life & business.

For 10 weeks in a row, you'll get more things done, work with intense focus, and make faster progress towards your goals than ever before.

The Peak Productivity Planner Helps You:

  • Stay Laser-Focused On Your Goals
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Prioritize Like A Pro
  • Structure Your Days & Weeks
  • Track Your Most Important Habits
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The Peak Productivity Planner is the daily tool to plan, strategize, & execute towards your goals.

For years, we've used every type of planner, journal, and organizer that exists - but they didn't meet our demands. That's when we decided to create the productivity planner we've always wanted.

The Peak Productivity Planner is a 10-week planner with essential daily and weekly pages to help you stay focused on your priorities, achieve more in less time, and crush your biggest goals.

All in all, it's your companion for success.

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My days and weeks are so much more productive and structured. Absolutely loving this planner!

— Kareem S.


After years of development, we've discovered the best set-up to maximize your focus and performance.

Use the Peak Productivity Planner every day to:

  • Stay on top of your goals
  • Get motivated to take massive action
  • Schedule and protect time for your priorities
  • Create your ABCDE list (better than a normal to-do list)
  • Cultivate a strong growth mindset


The Peak Productivity Planner is a 10-week planner and, after each week, you'll find the weekly productivity pages to help you:

  • Set your weekly goals
  • Track your most important habits
  • Prepare for the week in advance
  • Reflect on your performance
  • Improve your mindset

Are You Ready To 10x Your Productivity?

It's my personal belief that action-takers win in life & business.

So, if you're ready to 10x your productivity, make sure to grab your copy of the Peak Productivity Planner right now!

To Your Personal Growth,

Jari Roomer

Founder Personal Growth Lab

After a few days, I already noticed my focus and motivation being much higher than normal. I'd totally recommend your productivity planner!

— Joya K.