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My name is Jari Roomer and I'm the founder of Personal Growth Lab!

On this platform, you'll find actionable productivity & self-improvement advice to help you reach your goals, work with laser-focus, and get more done.

It's my personal belief that action-takers win in life & business.

Therefore, all our content, courses, and challenges are designed to help you take massive action towards your most ambitious goals.

To Your Personal Growth,

Jari Roomer

What You'll Learn at PGL

  • How To Reach 'Peak' Productivity
  • How To Work With Unbreakable Focus
  • How To Beat Procrastination Once And For All
  • How To Create An Unstoppable Morning Routine
  • How To Master Your Mind & Gain Mental Clarity

What Others Said About PGL

Natasja Wagemakers

Natasja Wagemakers

“Jari's honesty and directness will kick you in the butt when it's needed and will get you out of your chair and start doing things!”

Kareem Elsayed

Kareem Elsayed

“I've been implementing Jari's ideas and I can immediately see the impact on my productivity. What can I say? I'm a subscriber for life!”

Alberto Cevallos

"Your coaching refreshed my motivation. Your ideas reinforced my confidence in what I am pursuing and I am full of energy and eager to tackle my objectives"

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